Free Wi-Fi in Asakusa,Tokyo


Asakusa (pronounced A-Sock-Sa) is a relatively small district on the banks of the Sumida River. It is located in Taito, Tokyo and is is well known for the Senso-ji Buddhist temple as well as the Nakamise shopping district. Just across the Sumida River, from Asakusa, is the Tokyo Skytree and the Asahi Beer Headquarters. Because of the numerous nearby attractions this is a popular district for tourists. Hanayashiki, the oldest amusement park in Tokyo, is also located in Asakusa.

Asakusa has three free Wi-Fi networks: “Asakusa Free Wi-Fi”, “TOBU FREE Wi-Fi”, and “Nakamise Free Wi-Fi.”

I tested all three networks on a relatively low foot traffic weekday morning by browsing to several webpages not cached in my browser and by watching a video on YouTube. Here were my results.

Asakusa Free Wi-Fi

Location information on the Asakusa Free Wi-Fi is hard to come by. However, after wandering around Asakusa I found a few hotspots. Logging in required navigating several confusing pages. Only by sheer luck was I able to land on the right page to create an account so that I could access the internet. However, after creating an account I was still unable to use the internet. This was rather frustrating as the account creating process was quite long and required several restarts to get it to go through. I was very displeased with this free Wi-Fi service.

Step 1: Select “Asakusa_Free_Wi-Fi” from the list of available wi-fi networks.

Step 2: When you open a browser, the Asakusa Free Wi-Fi page appears. Tap the button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Select the menu item that says “Asakusa_Free_Wi-Fi.”

Step 4: Check the box to agree to the terms of use, and tap “Login.”

Step 5: If you haven’t already registered with Flet’s Portal wi-fi, you’ll need to tap the “Register” button.

Step 6: To register, enter a valid email address and a password of your choosing. Enter the password again to confirm, and then tap the “Register” button.

Step 7: A final confirmation page appears. Tap “Register” again.


Step 7: A final confirmation page appears. Tap “Register” again.


Final Verdict: Unable to connect due to complex login process. Difficult to find Wi-Fi hotspots. ✶ out of 4



The Tobu Free Wi-Fi is only available in the Asakusa Tobu Station. While I was able to find and connect to the internet, I repeatedly lost signal and after getting kicked off about a dozen times I gave up. I was never able to log onto the Tobu Free Wi-Fi.

Final Verdict: Unable to stay connected to the Wi-Fi signal long enough to attempt to login. Wi-Fi signal unavailable in the waiting room and only in limited areas upstairs. ✶ out of 4


Nakamise Free Wi-Fi

The Nakamise Free Wi-Fi claims their coverage extends from Kaminarimon Street雷門通りto the Hōzōmon, which is the innermost of the two large entrance gates to Senso-ji temple. I was not able to find the Nakamise Wi-Fi until I was about halfway down the street. Connecting was simple and quick. The internet connection was very fast – I was able to browse the web at very quick speeds and even watch a Youtube video at 720p! However, it was not all a rose garden with Nakmise Free Wi-Fi as I was never able to connect with my iPhone, only my iPad could connect. I had this same problem at all three of the Wi-Fi hotspot providers (“Asakusa Free Wi-Fi”, “TOBU FREE Wi-Fi”, and “Nakamise Free Wi-Fi”) in Asakusa.

Final Verdict: Blazing fast connection speeds. Simple and intuitive login process. Unable to connect with my iPhone—only my iPad could connect. ✶✶✶ out of 4

While the three Wi-Fi hotspots are frequent and jumping from one router to another is mostly seamless (once you are able to connect that is), you are sharing bandwidth with a lot of other people. Therefore, upload and download speeds can be next to useless, especially during high use time periods such as during the Brazilian carnival that this neighborhood is famous for. Combined with the difficulty in connecting that I experienced, it is not advisable for you to rely exclusively on the free internet in the Asakusa area. With a portable NINJA Wi-Fi router, you do not have to worry about fickle Wi-Fi service providers, unreliable signal, and arduous and illogical login menus and processes.