Free Wi-Fi in Akihabara, Tokyo

Akihabara is the most popular place in Tokyo for anime, manga, cosplay, and electronics. Visitors to Akihabara can experience the best of Tokyo’s otaku, or geek, culture. The area started as a place for used electronics and spare parts and blossomed into the center of the world for anime, manga, and related goods. Although the electronics remain, one can also experience a unique experience at a maid café, win a prize at an arcade, and browse the many stores that line the street, filled with action figures, comics, and more. Akihabara should be a top spot to visit for all tourists.


Akihabara Free Wi-Fi


SSID: Akihabara_Free_Wi-Fi

Requirements: Must have a valid email address.

Connection limit: 60 minutes per session. Up to 4 sessions allowed per day.

Availability: Inside a dozen different shops near Akihabara Station, including hobby shops, electronics stores, and maid cafes. However, the network isn’t available just anywhere near the station, and so if you find something interesting to share on social media, this isn’t possible on the street and in a lot of shops, including Mandarake, Gamers, and Animate.

Disadvantages: Fortunately, this service is provided free. Unfortunately, there are many steps and most are available only in Japanese. Service is spotty, making it impossible to follow a route to your destination on Google Maps, and hotspot locations are listed only in Japanese on the website.

In the most famous area for electronics and geek culture in Japan, it’s a little embarrassing to be stuck with no internet connection. For fast, reliable net access, a portable Wi-Fi device is recommended, such as NINJA Wi-Fi. Also called pocket Wi-Fi or personal Wi-Fi, they can be delivered to your hotel in addition to being available at their shop in Shinjuku and at airports.


How to connect:

Step 1.

First, take out your device and navigate to the Wi-Fi settings. After, look for the “Akihabara_Free_Wi-Fi” network and select it to connect.

Step 2.

After connecting to the  “Akihabara_Free_Wi-Fi” network, open a web browser and navigate to any webpage. A connection page will appear. Click or touch “Free Wi-Fi” and then “Wi-Fi” on the next page that appears.

Step 3.

Next, you will see a page that displays a message in Japanese. Again, click the photo that says “Free Wi-Fi.” After, the main Flet’s Wi-Fi page will appear. Click or touch “Free Wi-Fi Internet.”

Step 4.

This page displays the terms of service for using the Akihabara Free Wi-Fi network. You can read through the terms and then click or touch  “agree” and then “Login.”

Step 5.

After agreeing to the terms of service you will be brought to a page that requests users to register or login. If this is your first time, click or touch “Register.” If you already have an account, you can login. After choosing “Register” you will be brought to a page where you will register. You can enter your email address and choose a password. Next, you will be brought to a confirmation page that displays your email address. Choose “Register.”

Step 6.

Next, you will need to confirm the email address you just registered. Navigate to your email and click the link in the email that was sent to you (Japanese only). Afterwards, you will see a confirmation page that confirms your registration is complete.

Step 7.

You will now be able to access the Internet and browse the web like you normally would.